Resident Expectations

For the SAFETY of the Children, Residents, Staff and to ensure stability in a community living environment, All residents are expected to follow the rules and participants in the upkeep of the house…

Resident Expectations:

  • Wake in the morning, look for a job, pursue education, etc.
  • Meet regularly with the Case Manager to monitor and evaluate progress on job searches, housing, etc.
  • Must complete all daily assigned house chores.
  • Adhere to curfew hours. Any exceptions must be job related or approved.
  • Apply for any ID, eligible housing, sign up for social services.
  • Attend Life Skills classes and house meetings on Thursday evenings.
  • Volunteer at shelter during free time, assist with any donations or projects requested by RA.
  • Undergo alcohol and/or drug testing if requested by shelter staff.
  • Residents may not bring food and drink into the shelter unless prescribed.
  • All bags will be checked daily upon entry for the protection of shelter residents and staff.

A  full description can be found in our Resident Policy Book or call 903-465-6041.